Entrepreneurship, Master Programme

120 credits

Entrepreneurship is important for societal changes. The entrepreneurship programme develops your understanding of how to run sustainable societal development by having new ideas on how to reach the market.

On the entrepreneurship programme, you will learn how to develop companies and society through innovative and sustainable solutions. By combining theory with practice on an advanced level, you acquire the tools you need to move entrepreneurial development projects forward. Thanks to the unique breadth of the programme, you study entrepreneurship in both private and public sector as well as in civic society, and the interplay in between. This prepares you for driving change in all parts of society. During the course of the programme, you will constantly apply your knowledge to real-life cases and in this way have close links to the trade and industry during your studies. The programme suits both you who wish to enter the labour market after your studies and you who wish to do research within the field.

During the two years of the programme, you will acquire in-depth knowledge on identification, formulation and implementation of projects for development of companies and society. The first year consists of courses that give you theoretical specialisation within business development and entrepreneurship as well as methodology courses with special focus on project work. During the first semester, you will also plan and initiate a larger entrepreneurship project – which you will then carry out during the second semester on a separate project course. The second year starts with the possibility to study abroad and is concluded with the writing of a degree project.


There is a great demand for people with the ability to run change processes in society and in the role as project manager you will be coveted on the labour market. What is more, the programme prepares you for contributing to society through entrepreneurship, as a researcher, project manager, administrator or strategist, or within public authorities and administrations.


Master of Science or Master of Science in Business and Economics (120 credits)with specialization in Entrepreneurship (Main field of study: Business Administration)

International opportunities

The language of tuition is English. In this way, you will become prepared not only for a career in Sweden, but also for a career in international contexts. The programme admits students from all over the world, which means that you will get international and multicultural experience throughout the programme. Further opportunity for internationalisation is provided through the opportunity to study a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world.

Further information

Societal relevance

The degree programme has a clearly defined connection with the community as development projects are carried out in cooperation with actors within the business, public or civic sectors of the society. Projects are implemented and also evaluated from the point of their usefulness for stakeholders involved.


The third semester is designed for the possibility for studies abroad or electives studies at the Linnaeus University. The students are encouraged to study at universities where the School of Business and Economics have developed educational exchange. The programme has international admissions and students from many nationalities.

Scope of Programme

An integrated diversity perspective is essential for the programme as a whole and an understanding of diversity issues is central for understanding business and societal development. Themes related to diversity are targeted based upon course literature, seminars and lectures. Diversity includes a range of issues such as gender, integration and sustainability in working and business life. Special attention is given to the reproductive dimension of existing structural assumptions of inequality. Social, ethnic and cultural diversity are central criteria for the entrepreneurship programme. Students from all kinds of backgrounds are encouraged to take part in a free sharing of thinking, which is of substantial importance for learning. The programme is educating for professional work in a global labour market incl. sustainable development, equal terms, a widened knowledge perspective and entrepreneurial approach, as well as other perspectives.


Linnaeus University’s campus is located roughly 15 minutes with bicycle from the city centre. Campus is like a small society in its own right, with the university, student accommodation and student life all in one place. Everything happens on campus – here you become part of a creative knowledge environment and an eventful student life.

What will you find when exploring Växjö? There is a great selection of restaurants and cosy cafés. There is a large lake in the city centre, beautiful nature is always nearby. Many students enjoy the combination of the city centre in Växjö and life on campus. This is where your dream of the future begins!