Health Science, Master Programme

120 credits

The master’s programme that takes both the individual’s and the planet’s health seriously!

This programme provides you with tools to improve the health of both humans and non-humans, and prepares you for future commitment within health-related activities. Together with students from different parts of the world, with a diverse educational background, you become part of an exciting transdisciplinary and international learning environment.

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On the programme, you will become familiar with several different scientific perspectives on health. This will give you broad and in-depth expertise in the field, as well as good conditions to be able to understand and improve the health situation of both humans and non-humans.

Health in relation to climate and climate changes is something that we take seriously. Throughout the programme, you will develop your knowledge within this field to be able to meet the health challenges of the future.

Do you have a strong interest in a particular field? On the programme, you will have the opportunity to design your own specialisation within the field of health science through, among other things, eligible courses, individual specialisation themes, and field studies.

The programme is international and you will meet students and teachers form different parts of the world, as well as a diverse selection of literature and authors. We work continuously to establish collaborations with universities in other countries to give you the opportunity to gain international experience. In our efforts to be climate-smart, we want to increase our online collaboration and our collaboration with universities that can be reached by train.

We attach great importance to involving organisations and institutions outside the university in the pogramme and during your studies you will get opportunity to meet and collaborate with these. We work actively to make use of current and earlier students’ experiences and contacts.


Once you have obtained your degree, you will possess knowledge and skills that are in demand on both the national and the international labour market. The programme prepares you for work in a number of different types of health-related activities. You will be able to independently lead change and development work within public, private and nonprofit institutions, companies, and organisations.


Master of Science (120 credits) (Main field of study: Health Science).

Motivation letter

Template for motivational letter intended for individual assessment, to be attached to application to the programme.

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I want to contribute to saving lives

Muhammad Ishaq vid Linnéuniversitetet.

Muhammad really appreciates the study environment at Linnaeus University, and the fact that nature is so close to campus. In the future, he wants to contribute to improving the health situation around the world.



In Kalmar, Linnaeus University is located in the city centre. Universitetskajen is entirely newly-built and located just next to the sea. Here you become part of a creative knowledge environment.

The city centre is also where most students live. Everything is available within a ten-minute bicycle ride, regardless of whether you want to take a swim in the sea, study, do some shopping, or work out. Historical buildings and cobblestone streets give charm to the city. When it is sunny, the area next to Kalmar Castle’s moat is filled with studying and sunbathing students. Student life is a natural part of Kalmar. This is where your dream of the future begins!

House Vita at universitetskajen in Kalmar