Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design - specialisation design, Master Programme

120 credits

The two-year master’s programme in ‘Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design’ provides students with an understanding of how multidisciplinary knowledge supported by theoretical insight and emerging technologies can bridge with the social needs and values of our societies to provide the best possible local and global futures.

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Students engage with local and international companies and organisations to train in the innovation process in teams with different competences and work in an environment of collaborative creativity. This unique learning model empowers programme participants with the right skills and methods to apply business-, engineering- and design-led perspectives to complex societal issues by a co-creative approach and guides them to further evaluate innovative products and services to create a sustainable effect on the people and the planet.

Complimentary to the core academic studies, students engage with IKEA, the program’s main industrial partner. IKEA contributes with Democratic Design principles, latest methods and tools as well as workshops and tutoring to train product development processes in real time, thus giving the students a hands-on opportunity to corporate projects and providing them the opportunity to implement knowledge and practices for IKEA’s goal to create a better everyday life for the many people.

The uniqueness of the programme is that it has students from three different faculties - Business, Engineering and Design and brings together a diversity of competences, backgrounds and experiences to enable the innovation process in all its complexity to address the challenges that humankind is facing regarding environmental and social issues. Eventually, the program deepens students’ understanding not only on knowledge and skills that influence the innovation process but also trains them in the professional way of working in a context where many fields of knowledge and practices are interacting.


Companies and organisations worldwide need professionals that can carry out collaborative creativity to innovate and support sustainable development. Students trained in multidisciplinary innovation teams are best suited to meet such expectations. The programme empowers the students with knowledge on key issues of the modern world such as design thinking, system engineering, circular economy , conscious consumption and frugal innovation, to name a few. Graduates of this program can effectively use their acquired knowledge from product and service design, new business approaches and technology application for sustainable development to create unique and cost effective solutions for the issue at hand. They become excellent co-workers as their multiple perspective training in the programme provides them with the right tools to encourage motivation, trust respect for diversity , leadership and communication skills, all essential characteristics of a valued employee and team member.


Master of Arts with specialisation in Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design. Main field of study: Transdisciplinary Design and Sustainability

Programme of three diciplines

The programme is offered in three different diciplines, business, engineering and design. Information on the business dicipline. Information on the engineering dicipline.

International opportunities

The language of tuition is English. In this way, you will become prepared not only for a career in Sweden, but also for a career in international contexts. The programme admits students from all over the world, which means that you will get international and multicultural experience throughout the programme. Further opportunity for internationalisation is provided through the opportunity to study a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world.

Application and portfolio

You need to apply to the programme online and submit your portfolio at (in English), or (in Swedish).

You find instructions for the portfolio below.

Please submit your entire application, including the portfolio assignments below, by last day of application.

There is two application rounds to apply to the program:

1. Deadline to apply for international students is 15 January, application code LNU-F0603.  (still open for late application)

2. Deadline to apply for EU applicants is 15 April, application code LNU-05166.


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Students in a group

"We are a team that consists of students from the fields of design, business and engineering and we are part of the innovation master programme. As part of the local innovation module in our first term, we are now working with an ergonomic chair manufacturing company called Frapett, in Mönsterås. In our project with them, we have worked to develop a task chair that is to be used for seated physical work, for instance by machine operators, dentists, tailors, glassworkers, etc. Being a multi-disciplinary team, we have looked at this project from all the three different perspectives – design, engineering and business. This type of project-based learning has helped us being innovative at different levels throughout the project, enriching our experience and ensuring that we also learn from one another". / Christopher, Rong, Basil, Tianyi & Naina

Students within business, engineering and design collaborate to develop products

Picture of Sebastian, Ramona and Joe

During the autumn term, first-year students on the master programme Innovation through business, engineering and design work in groups with one company each to develop their own products.

Juliana from Colombia works as a designer at IKEA

Picture of Juliana

Anna works with marketing at IKEA

Anna Hamlin

Anna Hamlin wanted to start studying at Linnaeus University because of her interest in design and furniture. Since she had earlier taken a bachelor’s degree in business administration at University of Hawaii, a Swedish master programme in Småland seemed attractive.

More information about the programme

IKEA's and Linnaeus University's collaboration programme The Bridge is a multidisciplinary education and research collaboration dealing with life at home and conditions of production.

The program trains students in project and innovation management, process and product development, business and system development and social entrepreneurship. Students develop in-depth knowledge in design while the interaction and sharing is done with business and technology. Students going through the training will be able to create sustainable solutions that take account of form, function and resource efficiency.

Master of Arts


Roughly 15 minutes with a bike from the city centre, you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. It is like a small society with the university, student accommodation, and student life. Here you become part of a creative knowledge environment.

What will you come across on an excursion in Växjö – the city of contrasts? You will find good restaurants, a celebrated hockey team, and cozy cafés where you can enjoy a latte with lingonberry flavour. In Växjö, beautiful nature is always just around the corner; the city is surrounded by lakes and forests. Students like the combination of the city centre and the active student life on campus. Your dream of the future starts here!

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