International Business Strategy, Master Programme

120 credits

One way for companies to be successful is to expand in new growth markets and to do business across country borders. This two-year master programme provides adequate knowledge on how to develop competitive, dynamic and socially responsible strategies for international companies and also offers a deeper research focus and elective courses, including possibilities of studies abroad or internship.

The two-year master programme in Business Administration with specialisation in International Business Strategy provides students with comprehensive theoretical insights and advanced practical understanding in order to identify, apply and critically evaluate international business, marketing and entrepreneurship theory from a strategic point of view. A certain focus is on megatrends in society such as globalization and the ongoing development of emerging markets, including for example the Baltic Sea Region, Russia, China, India, Latin America and Africa. Another focus is given to the internationalization of firms in a business-to-business context – both traditional industrial firms and more current, rapidly internationalizing, entrepreneurial firms of smaller size. The programme is interactive and research-based – integrating research from the programme team into the courses as literature and illustrative examples – and takes place in a multi-cultural learning environment. Working with live-case companies plays a central role throughout the programme as students’ study internationally active firms in the region. It brings the international strategic challenges of firms into the courses. Students work to solve real strategic issues faced by highly internationalized and competitive Swedish firms of different sizes; ranging from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized regional companies. Besides the compulsory program courses, elective courses or studies abroad give possibilities for students’ topical specialization. The purpose of the programme is to foster independent and capable students with knowledge and ability to critically analyze problems and decisions in order to develop competitive, dynamic and socially responsible strategies for international companies. With a deep theoretical grounding and reflective stance, students will be (well) prepared for careers within business as well as academia.

International Business Strategy is a 120-credit two-year program. The programme starts with workshops on international team building, intercultural communication and academic writing in order to form a platform for learning. The programme starts with a multidisciplinary course covering global challenges and opportunities to give a background to contemporary megatrends and developments with relevance to international business strategy. Thereafter the programme provides students with a course international business strategy in emerging country markets and one course focusing on internationalization of primarily small and medium-sized entrepreneurial firms. For the Spring semester, a methodology course is given in parallel to a course in knowledge and innovation-based strategy, followed by two courses providing deepened skills in methodology as well as contemporary international business research. The second year offers opportunities for further specialisation within international business strategy; one semester (30 credits) of elective courses, including possibilities of studies abroad or internship; and one semester (30 credits) focusing on the master degree project.


Master of Science (120 credits) in Business and Economics with specialisation in International Business Strategy (Main field of study: Business Administration).


The city of Kalmar is situated on the southeast coast of Sweden. Kalmar is a beautiful city with 65,000 inhabitants and a long history dating back to the Middle Ages, with many cosy neighbourhoods and great charm. The lush green areas surrounding Kalmar Castle and the city park are many students' favourite.

The proximity to the ocean and the island of Öland has left its mark on the city and there are many long pedestrian paths along the coast. It is never far to anything in Kalmar and most places can be reached in just 5-10 minutes' walk – the university, the ocean, the gym, or the city centre, Kvarnholmen.

In Kalmar the university buildings and student accommodations are spread throughout the town and are well integrated with the historical surroundings – making students feel part of the town.