International Sales and Marketing Programme

180 credits

International Sales and Marketing prepares you for a career as key account or project manager with complex technical selling of engineering products and services.

International Sales and Marketing is focused on advanced sales; how to convince your client that you can deliver value. As industry needs independent, proactive sales persons, you will be trained to take initiative and your creativity will be stimulated. In the programme you study business administration, psychology, economics and law. You will work with the same type of support systems that you would find in your future workplace: enterprise, meeting management and project management systems. Students in the International and Sales-programme will have access to partnering companies through ample field studies, as well as lectures on applied elements, given by representatives of companies. The programme is held in Ljungby, where many of the partnering companies have their head offices or an important subsidiary. Throughout the education you will be working in groups of 3-4 students together with a partner company. During the fifth semester you will participate in an individual company based project. One semester you will be studying abroad at one of our partner universities.


The sales person has to understand technological restrictions, be able to creatively use the product and production flexibility to meet customers’ needs. The sales person is often project leader of a team of construction designers, pre-production and production managers and financial specialists.


Bachelor of Science with specialization in International Sales and Marketing. (Main Field of Study: Business Administration)

The bachelor programme in International sales and marketing has been cancelled and no students will be admitted during autumn 2018. You are however cordially welcome to apply to our bachelor programme in marketing, addressing the same subject area. 

Student testimonials

Camilla Khrulova

"I worked with HMS Industrial Networks"

What made you choose the International Sales & Marketing program?

— My case differs from average student. I was already 26 years old, when I entered the program with substantial practical working background in sales and marketing. I had my own business in Spain, that I operate for 5 years.
Once I moved to Sweden, because of personal reasons, I took a decision to apply my practical knowledge with theoretical which I realized that I lacked.
Another point was close cooperation with partner companies, which gave me an opportunity to discover business environment in Sweden.

What was it like being a student at CIL?

— It was an adventure. Different cultures under one roof, working in multicultural groups, fun assignments. Being a student at CIL, made me realize one personal trait that was unknown for me- to be a team player. Coming from rather individualistic upbringing, it was my biggest challenge, which CIL helped me to overcome.

Which company was your partner company during the program?

— I worked with HMS Industrial Networks. It was one of the most important part of the whole program for me. Jurgen Bishhaus that was our contact person, is still my mentor and a lot of my professional success is because of his valuable advices. We continue having brainwashing sessions still nowadays to help each other to see our industries from different perspectives. Every assignment was thought-provoking, as HMS has a very specific product which is not easily applied to theoretical base, therefore we had to really think outside the box to be able to finish our tasks. We used to joke about it in our group; 'Ok, now lets do it the HMS way, which is totally unorthodox way of thinking'.

Where did you study abroad? (what was it like?)

— I went to Bern University of Applied studies which was special. Educational system of Switzerland is very similar to the one we have in Ukraine (my origin). A lot of pressure, no excuses, various subjects in the same time period, a lot of demands and high level of general knowledge. It was tough, kinda military style, competitive, nevertheless extremely useful.

What happened after graduation?

— I got a job before I graduated.

Describe your job at OctoFrost?

— My title is Area Sales manager responsible for Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Balkan and Baltic states and Iberian Peninsula. One of the main satisfactions that I receive from my job, is that together with OctoFrost we are developing a segment of industry that is not developed, helping such countries as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bosnia to become competitive in the global frozen food market, providing real quality individual quick frozen fruits and vegetables and lower the food waste.

What are you working with at the moment?

— Right now I have various projects in Uzbekistan, which was not tapped in before. Since I started I "activated" emerging markets, which I found very interesting. It is a different approach which require a lot of knowledge and desire to go one step further, try harder and be a bit better in everything. Sales per se are perceived differently. You are not only a sales person, you are a consultant and teacher. You need to take your customers' hand and walk with them through the whole process, assisting them, educating them to establish trust. Blue ocean theory is the one that drives me and help me succeed in these markets.

Something else you would like to mention?

— I would do sales and marketing program over and over again, it helped me develop both professionally and more importantly- personally. I would also like to discuss a possibility for OctoFrost to become one of the partner companies for next academic year.