Marketing, Master Programme

120 credits

The programme offers students from around the world the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking and expertise in marketing. The main field of study is business administration, with specialisation in marketing

The traditional roles of marketers are evolving into more general management functions. Marketers are more often recruited to CEO positions. We believe that there will be a large demand for this new type of qualified business graduates in the near future.

The programme starts with a course called applied marketing analysis, a course in which you will practice marketing research and the application of marketing management theories. This is followed by a course called international marketing strategy. During the second term, you will study managing innovation and entrepreneurship, followed by a course in research methodology.

During your second year, you will study contemporary marketing research, as well as electronic business management. The 2-year master programme is concluded by a 30-credit degree project. The carefully selected courses provide you with knowledge that will be helpful when you write the master thesis, and foster skills needed to pursue career goals.

The courses are relevant considering the needs on the labour market, such as higher demand for managing innovation, e-business management, and international marketing strategy. Since producers are competing globally with each other, companies must also have an international thinking in their marketing activities.

With a master’s degree, your employability is likely to increase significantly, and after graduating you will have many different career opportunities. Today, some of our previous students work as, for instance, marketing specialists, marketing coordinators, and heads of communications. You can also work as a lecturer at a university and teach. Another possibility is to become a PhD candidate and do research.


The traditional roles of marketers are evolving into more general management functions and marketers are more often recruited to CEO positions. According to our assessment, there will be a large demand for this new type of qualified business graduate. Employability is likely to increase significantly for those with a Master’s degree.


Master of Science or Master of Science in Business and Economics (120 credits) with specialisation in Marketing (Main field of Study: Business Administration)

International opportunities

The language of tuition is English. In this way, you will become prepared not only for a career in Sweden, but also for a career in international contexts. The programme admits students from all over the world, which means that you will get international and multicultural experience throughout the programme.

Student testimonials

"We are assigned to different case studies in order to gain a more practical insight into the real world of business"


Tram Nguyen from Vietnam is a student at the Marketing master programme.

Can you tell me about your degree programme?

"I have been studying at Linnaeus University for five years now – first on the bachelor programme in marketing and now on the master programme. I really like the master programme because it gives you important insights about marketing. We have a number of interesting courses, ranging between customer behavior specialisation and branding to product development, media, and other fields such as micro/macro economics, culture, law, statistics, etc. It gives you a complete overview that prepares you for work as a marketer. Through various assignments within different subjects and with different requirements, you will also develop skills in, for instance, group work, leadership and presentation. During my study time, I have gotten a lot of support from my teachers, they are very friendly and willing to support you with the assignments. We are assigned to different case studies in order to gain a more practical insight into the real world of business."

Why did you choose to study at Linnaeus University?

"The main reason I chose Linnaeus University was because the university offers the specific programme that I wanted to study – marketing. Besides, the tuition was free back then, which of course also was a contributing factor."

What’s your impression of Sweden and the Swedes?

"My first impression about Sweden was the feeling of peacefulness, and I was struck by how green the environment is. It’s very different from my home country Vietnam. However, the longer time I spend here in Växjö, the more I fall in love with this small city. A few months after I started my programme, I was introduced to the Friend Family programme which aims to connect international students with the local Swedish families. Through this programme, I got in touch with a Swedish family and I still meet them every now and then. Since I got here I have had the opportunity to experience a lot of new traditions, especially Christmas celebration, Lucia and Mid-summer celebration. My impression about the Swedes is that they are very polite –  sometimes on the verge of shy – but always willing to help, and very good English speakers."

What do you do besides your studies?

"Besides my studies, I often hangout with friends for “fika” (coffee break in Swedish), meet my friend family, do some cooking/baking and travel. In early spring and summer, we often organise BBQs where we eat grilled food and enjoy the spring time together, after months of winter. Since I prefer to spend time in nature, outdoor activities like picnics and berry-picking are also some of my favorites during the summer."

What are your career plans?

"I am learning Swedish at the moment, and plan to apply for jobs in Sweden after graduation."

What’s the best thing with being a student at Linnaeus University?

"I have experienced a lot of good things as an international student here. For the first four years, I was living in a corridor where I got to know so many great friends. They come from different cultural backgrounds and we have shared good memories and learnt a lot  of new things from each other. The university provides a very good study environment for us students; such as the modern library, and a campus on which it takes less than ten minutes to access a whole range of different activities – lecture rooms, sports, gym, super markets, etc. What is more, campus is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape which can help students relax after having studied hard for several hours."

Further information

Societal relevance

The degree programme has a clearly defined connection with the business sector as it builds on empirical research traditions within the subject areas in question which encompass the latest trends and changes relating to marketing. Furthermore, case study companies are used in several of the degree programme’s courses as well as guest lecturers teaching in a number of different course components.

Scope of Programme

Teaching methods vary between courses and can consist of lectures, tutorials and seminars. An important element of many courses is work in study groups where students train to lead discussions and seminars for a larger group. The scheduled teaching covers a small part of the working week. In addition, students need to study a lot on their own. As a student, you report your knowledge and skills individually and in groups through various forms of examination. incl. sustainable development, equal terms, a widened knowledge perspective and entrepreneurial approach, as well as other perspectives.


Linnaeus University’s campus is located roughly 15 minutes with bicycle from the city centre. Campus is like a small society in its own right, with the university, student accommodation and student life all in one place. Everything happens on campus – here you become part of a creative knowledge environment and an eventful student life.

What will you find when exploring Växjö? There is a great selection of restaurants and cosy cafés. There is a large lake in the city centre, beautiful nature is always nearby. Many students enjoy the combination of the city centre in Växjö and life on campus. This is where your dream of the future begins!