Mathematics and Modelling, Master Programme

Specialization Mathematical Statistics and Financial mathematics 120 credits

The technology we use in today's society is to an ever increasing extent based on mathematical models and calculations.

This programme will suit anyone who is interested in mathematics and wants to apply his or her skills to problem solving and for creating new mathematical models. It also gives you the possibility to start an academic career.

There are three specializations (all end with a master thesis work).

Analysis with Mathematical Physics: Gives you a comprehensive education in mathematics, aimed at mathematical physics. You study courses in complex analysis, distribution theory, and partial differential equations

Algebra with Cryptography and Coding: You study general courses in mathematics and modelling besides courses in algebra, number theory, cryptography and coding theory.

Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics: You study courses in mathematics but you also train stochastic thinking and statistic skills. It contains courses in e.g. probability theory, stochastic analysis, insurance mathematics and financial modelling.

We also have an agreement with the University of Insubria in Como in Italy, where a corresponding programme is offered. This means that you have a large selection of courses to choose from. You also have the possibility to, without any study fees, study one or two semesters in Como in order to be conferred a so-called double degree i.e., a degree from two different universities, which may be an advantage if you are considering an international career.


Students will find work at companies needing knowledge of advanced mathematical modelling, for example within image processing, noise processing, information security, electric power, vehicle production and construction. The specialization in Mathematical Statistics is especially interesting for banks and insurance companies. The programme also prepares for PhD studies.


Master's degree in mathematics with specialization in Analysis with Mathematical Physics, Algebra with Cryptography and Coding or Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics.

Student testimonials

Portrait Michelle

Michelle likes to study math

Michelle Zunkovic study the Master program in mathematics here at Linnaeus University. 

Can you tell me about your study programme?
I really do like it, the courses are interesting and the teachers are good. You have the possibility to get help if you need or if you want to you can get even more challenged. 

What do you do beside your studies?
Besides being a student I am working as a teachers assistant here at the university. After work and school I spend a lot of time exercising.

What are your career plans?
My plans are a little bit unsure at the moment. Maybe I will try to stay at a university as a PhD student if possible, or I will apply for some trainee programs to enter the working life.  

What’s the best thing being a student at Linnaeus University?
The best thing I would probably say is the good atmosphere. People are very helpful and pleasant here and that make you a very happy student! The size of campus is just right, not too big and not too small.


Linnaeus University’s campus is located roughly 15 minutes with bicycle from the city centre. Campus is like a small society in its own right, with the university, student accommodation and student life all in one place. Everything happens on campus – here you become part of a creative knowledge environment and an eventful student life.

What will you find when exploring Växjö? There is a great selection of restaurants and cosy cafés. There is a large lake in the city centre, beautiful nature is always nearby. Many students enjoy the combination of the city centre in Växjö and life on campus. This is where your dream of the future begins!