Network Security Programme

180 credits

Trojans, ransomware, phishing and other threats to both individuals and businesses demand ever more attention. If you want to learn how to stop these threats, this programme is the right one for you!

Sensitive and confidential information, such as credit card numbers and medical records, is sent between computers around the world. How can we ensure that this information only reaches those it is meant for?

To become an expert in IT security, particularly network security, a series of competencies are required. You have to be good at handling a computer, of course, and at understanding how the different parts of a computer system interact. In particular, you also need to be able to program computers.

Computer science includes a number of other areas as well, such as operating systems and databases. You will, however, primarily focus on the network and security areas. This means that you will study courses such as administration of networks, mobile and wireless security, and digital forensics. In order to achieve IT security, encryption is required and to help you understand such tools, courses in mathematics are also included.


The programme gives you qualifications for a variety of professions. Examples of jobs that this education may lead to are programmer, network administrator and security consultant, in small as well as large companies. The IT world is global, so work abroad may be just as likely as work in Sweden.


Bachelor of Science with specialization in Network Security. Main field of study: Computer Science.

I would like to become an expert in the field of network security

Alexander talks about why he moved from Germany to study network security at Linneaus University.

Martin faces new challenges constantly

Martin Jartelius studied computer science, with a specialization in networking and security, at Linnaeus University. The longer he came in his studies, the more Martin became interested in IT security. He now works as a Security Consultant, with the mission to ensure that information does not fall into the wrong hands.

I travel all over the world

Michael Johansson vid Linnéuniversitetet

Michael works as a IT-Security consultant at Combitech, and he describes it as an exciting and rewarding profession. He appreciated the courses that were practical and that the students got in contact with different companies and organizations during the education.

More information about the programme

This is what you read

This is what you read under the programme. You find all the courses in the list below or in the syllabus.

Växjö – the student city with a living campus

Just south of Växjö’s city centre you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. In Växjö, many students choose to live on campus.

Here you will have five minutes’ walking distance to friends, restaurants, lecture rooms, gym, grocery store, the University Library, nature trails, and student pubs. If you live in another part of Växjö, you can quickly get to the university by bus or bicycle.

With its 90 000 inhabitants, Växjö is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden. Here you will find the famous Småland entrepreneurship spirit and a lot of companies, for instance within the IT industry – perfect for when you are looking for an internship position or a job. Växjö is also one of Europe’s greenest cities where you have easy access to nature, forest and lakes.

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