Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology, Master Programme

120 hp

Do you want to learn more about people at work?

The Masters Program in Psychology will give you a deeper understanding of people and their interaction in professional life.

The program targets national and international students with a bachelors degree and 90 credits in psychology, with an interest to specialize in one of the most important areas in modern applied psychology. A Masters in Work and Organizational Psychology opens up opportunities for employment in a wide range of private and public organizations.

The program contains elements of relevant practical activities, that is, the student interacts with private or public organizations in the community. The thesis research problem should have a clear link to work and organizational psychology.

The program is offered provided the necessary decisions.


A qualified specialist in work and organizational psychology may work with the evaluation and development of organizations, with psychosocial issues, or as an internal consultant on organizational development. Since the program has a significant element of intercultural competence, such a person could also provide important expertise in developing global strategies for multinational organizations.


Master of science (120 credits) with specialization in industrial and organizational psychology. Main study area: Psychology