Social Media and Web Technologies, Master Programme

120 hp

The programme focuses on the design and development of social media tools and services using the web and mobile technologies.

This master programme provides a balanced combination of theoretical perspectives and applied knowledge. In particular, it offers in-depth understanding of online communities and the technical environments in which they interact. You will develop the skills required for creating innovative solutions and tools that use web and mobile technologies for supporting these communities.

The programme consists of a number of general courses within the field of media technology, combined with specialized ones that explore the latest topics and state of the art knowledge within social media and web technologies. These courses cover areas such as web technologies, design and interaction, social media and IT business.

The expertise and skills you acquire will enable you to identify, manage and solve technical, organizational and design aspects related to the global digital media and Internet market. Furthermore, the programme provides a solid academic foundation for postgraduate studies by implementing established research methods and practices in all courses. During the last semester you will write a master thesis.

Student testimonials 

Mohamad Zamam

Mohamad Zamam

Where are you from?

What do you study?
A master programme in social media and web technology.

Can you tell me about your degree programme? How do you like it?
My programme comprises courses ranging from web technology, design and interactivity to social media and IT business – fields of study which I am really interested in, since I have a background in software engineering and development.

Why did you choose to study in Sweden/at Linnaeus University?
Sweden is a leading country in Europe, and in the world. At Swedish universities, students can gain valuable knowledge in diverse disciplines and collaborate to become more creative people, and through that be able to contribute in developing their home countries in the future. Moreover, Linnaeus University is a really nice university at which I got the opportunity to complete my master studies. I am very happy to be here.

What's your impression of Sweden and the Swedes?
I think Sweden is a nice and beautiful place to live. The culture is quite different from in Syria, it feels unique, and that is also one of the things that I like about Sweden. Even though the weather can sometimes be tough and frustrating, because I am not used to weather like this, it's typical for the Scandinavian countries and it gives students the opportunity to have a new experience in their lives when they come to study here.

What do you do besides your studies?
In addition to my studies, I hang out with friends most of the time. We make food and listen to music, and sometimes we travel to different places in Sweden. I also play football and study Swedish.

What are your career plans?
First, I am planning to finish my master studies and then, if possible, I will apply for PhD studies. I am also taking Swedish classes and plan to look for a job in Sweden within computer science or software engineering. My plan is to stay in Sweden and raise a family here.

What's the best thing about being a student at Linnaeus University?
To be a student here at Linnaeus University means to have the chance to get valuable knowledge during your studies. Furthermore, you will get to meet students from different cultures and backgrounds. The university is located in a calm and beautiful region of southern Sweden. It is a wonderful area for international students who also want to enjoy life during their studies. The nature here is truly amazing with deep forests, lots of lakes and parks, where students can go in their spare time to relax.

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Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to work at positions such as web developer, interaction designer, IT strategist or new media editor at different companies or at large international corporations. You can also continue with research studies leading towards a doctoral degree.


Master of Science (two years) with specialization in Social Media and Web Technologies. Major subject: Media Technology.


Växjö is a modern city with more than 80,000 inhabitants. The city has been declared "the Greenest City in Europe" because of its focus on environmentally sound solutions and the environmental programs implemented.

Being a student in Växjö you have easy access to everything – the city centre, the woods and the lakes. The pedestrian path from campus around Lake Växjösjön reaches almost all the way to the city centre and is perfect for jogging or taking long walks.

Campus Växjö is modeled along the lines of an American campus university and is the natural meeting place for students in Växjö. Campus is always bustling with life, and students move between lecture rooms, the University Library and the restaurants, pubs and outdoor recreational areas.