Software Technology Programme

180 credits

Would you like to work with game development, IT systems for cars, or maybe within telecom? The future is exciting and full of possibilities!

IT is everywhere in our society – in homes, healthcare and industry. This programme focuses mainly on the software in IT systems, which can be found in everything from mobile phones and games to cars and industrial robots. As a computer scientist, you will get solid knowledge of programming and the art of designing and developing IT systems.

Computers are controlled by programs. These programs can be very small, or huge systems with millions of lines of program code. The development of larger programs requires well thought-out approaches and a good organization. How to organize, design and develop large computer systems are some of the things that you learn in software technology, which is an area of the subject computer science. You will also acquire knowledge of other fields of computer science such as computer networks, databases and operating systems.

Elective courses within the programme let you create your own educational profile, for example in computer graphics/visualization.


A first job will likely mean that you work as programmer within a larger organization. You may then go on to work as project manager, consultant or educator. Regardless of where you work, you will probably be working in a team with other persons. The IT world is global, so work abroad may be just as likely as work in Sweden.


Bachelor of Science with specialization in Software Technology. Main field of study: Computer Science.

I didn´t know anything about programming before I came to Sweden

Dustin talks about what he learned during his education and about student life on Sweden's only real campus. 

Dejan tunes cars with a computer

Optimizing engines to Saab, Audi, and occasionally Porsche... Sounds like an exciting job, and it is! After studies in Software Technology, Dejan Subotic basically works with problem solving.

“From a teaching job in China to software development in Sweden”

Hailing bild

Hailing graduated with a bachelor’s degree in literary translation and was working as a teacher in China. After one year, she felt she needed a change and decided to come to Linnaeus University.

More information about the programme

Here is what you read

This is what you read under the programme. You find all the courses in the list below or in the syllabus.

Växjö – the student city with a living campus

Just south of Växjö’s city centre you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. In Växjö, many students choose to live on campus.

Here you will have five minutes’ walking distance to friends, restaurants, lecture rooms, gym, grocery store, the University Library, nature trails, and student pubs. If you live in another part of Växjö, you can quickly get to the university by bus or bicycle.

With its 90 000 inhabitants, Växjö is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden. Here you will find the famous Småland entrepreneurship spirit and a lot of companies, for instance within the IT industry – perfect for when you are looking for an internship position or a job. Växjö is also one of Europe’s greenest cities where you have easy access to nature, forest and lakes.

Learn more about our student cities.

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