The Marketing Programme

180 credits

Interested in a career in marketing? The Marketing Programme is a popular marketing programme offered in Växjö. The language of tuition is English, and you'll be studying in a group with students from around the world. This programme prepares you for an exciting career in both national and international marketing.

Marketing is multifaceted. Perhaps you would like to work in advertising in both Swedish and English, but there's much more to marketing than that. On the Marketing Programme, we focus on identifying and meeting market needs. It's about understanding customer needs and creating, communicating, and delivering value to the customer. Your task as a marketer is to satisfy these needs and sell solutions for them, enabling your company to make money, which makes it possible to develop new products, services, and experiences. The Marketing Programme is unique and covers marketing from various perspectives over different semesters. The first semester lays the foundation for a marketer's role; the second semester is based on the customer's perspective, while the third semester focuses on the company's offerings. In the fourth semester, you have the opportunity to study abroad at one of our partner universities, giving you valuable international experience. Semesters five and six focus on how to meet the market. The programme is characterised by a fast pace and a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.


The programme prepares you for a future career at both small and large companies. Our graduates work in many exciting professions today. Some examples of jobs in marketing are:• Marketer• Marketing assistant• Project manager• Manager at communications and marketing departments, as well as at PR and advertising agencies.


Bachelor of Science with specialisation in Marketing (Main Field of Study: Business Administration)

Application to a later part of a programme

If you have taken courses that correspond to at least two semesters of the programme, you can apply for a later part of the programme. If there is a place in the semester you are eligible for, you do not need to take previous semesters.

Information about later part of the programme.

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We are accredited

The School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business; AACSB. 

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International opportunities

The language of tuition is English. This way, you will prepare yourself not only for a national career but also for a career in international contexts. Further opportunity for internationalisation is provided through the opportunity to study a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world. As a student on the marketing programme, you have a unique opportunity to study your final year at Bern Fachhochschule in Switzerland. When you are awarded your degree, you will then get a “double degree”, which means that you can apply for your programme degree from Linnaeus University and for a general degree from Bern.
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What is marketing?

What is marketing and how can you reach out to customers? Meet some of the students and lecturers at The Marketing Programme and hear their answers.

High quality of education

Shariful Islam studies at The Marketing Programme. He's impressed by the standard of Swedish education and loves Växjö since it's such a green city.

Iftin dreams of an international career

Iftin student at Linnaeus University

Iftin chose The Marketing Programme at Linnaeus University because of its international focus and the fact that it is offered entirely in English. Once she has completed her studies, she dreams of an international career abroad.

Studying abroad contributes to personal growth

Jonathan Saenger vid Linnéuniversitetet.

Jonathan chose to study a semester abroad during his education. He enjoys life as a student in Växjö and the fact that the city offers great opportunities for outdoor training.

An internship can give you the experience you need


Oscar studied for three years on The Marketing Programme at Linnaeus University. After all years of studying marketing theories, he can now say it was all worth it.

Växjö – the student city with a living campus

Just south of Växjö’s city centre you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. In Växjö, many students choose to live on campus.

Here you will have five minutes’ walking distance to friends, restaurants, lecture rooms, gym, grocery store, the University Library, nature trails, and student pubs. If you live in another part of Växjö, you can quickly get to the university by bus or bicycle.

With its 90 000 inhabitants, Växjö is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden. Here you will find the famous Småland entrepreneurship spirit and a lot of companies, for instance within the IT industry – perfect for when you are looking for an internship position or a job. Växjö is also a picturesque city where you are always close to forests and water.

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