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The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA)

Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is a graduate school for industrial doctoral students that focuses on applied research, addressing the big data and artificial intelligence challenges of our industry partners. The industry graduate school is funded by the Knowledge foundation, Linnaeus University and the participating companies.

Wanted: Industrial doctoral students with a focus on data-intensive applications

The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is recruiting new industrial doctoral students for our partner companies. The posts are permeated by data-intensive methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The industry graduate school DIA

The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) applies academic research to industry challenges. The objective is to develop new knowledge, smarter solutions and innovations in data intensive applications, leveraging on big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and cyber-physical system (CPS) technologies.

To meet these challenges, DIA combines theoretical knowledge from computer science, mechanical engineering and forest technology with practical experience and competences. The industrial doctoral students are employed by our partner companies.

DIA contributes with structured research education and supplies companies with the fundamental competences in big data, AI and CSP, for developing smarter data intensive industry strength systems. DIA also contributes with applied research in co-production with the participating companies and across academic research fields.

The actual research is conducted in individual research projects at the participating companies. These are co-supervised by experts at Linnaeus University and at the partner companies.

The Industry Graduate School, DIA, is closely affiliated to Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) and the complete knowledge environment Smarter Systems funded by the Knowledge Foundation.



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