Oral presentation skills


Theoretical and practical aspects relating to preparation, implementation and evaluation of oral presentations, focusing on the student's field of study or research.

During the course, the following elements will be discussed in relation to scientific and popular oral presentations:
• The communication process
• The preparation process
• Resources
• Realization of oral presentations.
• Critical assessment and evaluation of oral presentations.

The module is based on learning by experience. The student is expected to reflect, based on feedback on the student's and the other participants' performance, on different parts in the module.

Course information

Number of credits

1.5 credits

Given by

Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Open to

PhD students at Swedish universities

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Next course occasion

Autumn 2024

Study rate, or the equivalent


Deadline for applications

17 August 2024


Notify Research Officer Linnéa Larsson via email: linnea.larsson@lnu.se