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Ethics, power, and reflexivity in social sciences

This course includes review of research ethical regulations and main theoretical concepts and discussions, in Sweden as well as internationally, the planning of research based on research ethical perspectives and deepened self-reflection in relation to the students' own research.

Course information

Number of credits

7.5 credits

Given by

Department of Social Work

Open to

The course is primarily aimed at doctoral students at FSV and LNU.

Teaching language



Växjö or Kalmar

Next course occasion

Autumn 2024

Study rate, or the equivalent

25 %

Deadline for applications

30 June


Admission to third-cycle studies is required.

Teaching method

Teaching takes place in the form of seminars and independent specific literature studies.

Teaching takes place on both campuses Kalmar and Växjö. However, it is possible that this can be changed to an on-line course depending on the number of applicants internally at LNU and externally.

Content, aim and objectives

The course includes 8 seminars.

All seminars will take place between  09.30 -12.30

October 18: Seminar 1

November 8: Seminar 2

November 29: Seminar 3

December 20: Seminar 4

January 10 2025: Seminar 5

January 31 2025: Seminar 6

February 14 2025: Seminar 7

March 7 2025: Seminar 8.

Read about the courses content, aim and objectives in the Course description.

Examinator, course coordinator and teachers

Torun Elsrud, Examinator

Kristina Gustafsson, Course coordinator

Other teachers on the course: Chris High and Per Strömblad.