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Data Mining

An introduction to data mining, from acquisition and processing of data to extraction of insights with advanced algorithms.

Course information

Number of credits

5 credits

Given by

Department of Computer Science and Media Technology

Open to

Doctoral students at Swedish universities

Teaching language




Next course occasion

Autumn 2021

Study rate, or the equivalent


Deadline for applications

August 23, 2021


Application to Rafael M. Martins,


- Intermediate or advanced programming experience in any language (Python isa strong plus, but not mandatory)
- English (spoken and written)
- Ability and readiness to participate in oral exam activities according to the course schedule (online by Zoom)

Teaching method

Lectures, assignments, and an oral exam

More about the course content

The course provides an introduction to data mining and common applications, e.g. search engines, recommendation systems and text mining. It is a very practical course with many programming tasks and a practical project.

Other examples of topics are: The relationship between data mining and machine learning; Clustering algorithms, such as K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering; How to find similar things, e.g. documents and images; Analysis of links, e.g. PageRank; Dimension reduction, e.g. tSNE and PCA; Extracting information from text; Tools and program libraries for data mining.


The course is also given in Växjö.