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Diffusion of innovations and sociotechnical transition

The aim of this course is to impart knowledge on diffusion of innovations and the sociotechnical transition process, and intervention strategies to facilitate diffusion of innovations.

Course information

Number of credits

6 credits

Given by

Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology

Open to

Doctoral students at Swedish universities

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Next course occasion

Autumn 2024

Study rate, or the equivalent

Not yet determined

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All PhD candidates can apply.

Teaching method

Lectures, seminars, project work.
Mainly at Växjö with possibility for distance (Zoom)

More about the course content

  • Systems of innovation and path dependency
  • Multilevel perspective on sociotechnical change processes
  • Theories of environmental behaviour
  • Adopter categories and attributes of innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Innovation in organizations
  • Intervention strategies for diffusion of innovations

Other information

The course is free of cost for students accepted in the VR financed SEED doctoral school, applicants from Linnaeus University, the Dept. of Energy Technology at KTH and Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety at Lund University. A fee of 8000 SEK will be charged to all other students. You are requested to provide the invoice details together with your registration so that the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University can send an invoice upon admission to the course.

Reflections of some participants from year 2022

"The course gave me an opportunity to focus on theory and to get suggestions to new knowledge and how to 'use' theories. Thank you for a good course!"
–Ia Williamsson, Linnaeus University

"Due to the course pedagogy and content, I was able to relate it with my research and is able to work on a new article which shall act as value addition to my PhD".
–Himanshu Arora, TERI School of Advanced Studies, India

"The course structure was good, especially with the seminars. The assignments were helpful in relating the knowledge from the course to the project I am working on".
–Hemangi Patel, University of Cologne

"The course helped in relating the PhD project with diffusion of innovation theories and broadening the perspective in terms of the societal impacts the project will have while understanding its relevance with the SDGs".
–Roma Almeida, Linnaeus University

"The course is very effective if someone wants to analyze the transition management from system perspective".
–Naveen Jha, Kathmandu University, Nepal