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Project in visualization and data analysis

This course is a project course with a focus on visual analytics with a given analytical problem and setting.

Course information

Number of credits

7.5 credits

Given by

Department of Computer Science and Media Technology

Open to

Doctoral students at Swedish universities

Teaching language




Next course occasion

Autumn 2021

Study rate, or the equivalent


Deadline for applications

August 23, 2021


Application to Rafael M. Martins,


- Intermediate or advanced programming experience in any language (Python and JavaScript are a strong plus, but are not mandatory)
- English (spoken and written)
- Ability and readiness to participate in mandatory seminar and oral exam activities according to the course schedule (on-site or online by Zoom)
- Ability to independently manage an Agile software development project

Teaching method

Lectures, assignments, seminars, and an oral exam

More about the course content


NB: this course is 10 credits, not 7,5 credits as notified. You can also take the course in Växjö. 

Visual Analytics (VA) systems bring data analysis closer to end-users by effectively combining interactive visualization and complex algorithms, guided by the underlying analytical processes inherent to the data and the application at hand.

The course is a project course with a focus on VA with a given analytical problem and setting. The students are expected to work using agile processes in teams and to manage their projects independently. The students will be introduced to VA theoretical aspects and tools, create the conceptual design of the VA project, implement their designs, and present their results. Covered topics are among others: the importance of data and visualization for answering analytical questions, tools and libraries for data analysis and visualization, and evaluation of VA projects.