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Sustainability Assessment and Policy Evaluation

The aim of this course is to impart knowledge on sustainability assessment criteria processes and tools; sustainability evaluation and its contributions to policy-making, designing policy-relevant indicators for Sustainable Development, research and policy interface and evaluation of policy development from sustainability perspective.

Course information

Number of credits

6 credits

Given by

Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology

Open to

Doctoral students at Swedish universities

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Next course occasion

Autumn 2024

Study rate, or the equivalent

Not determined


Please send an email to containing following information:

  • First name, last name
  • Personal number or date of birth (for international students)
  • University at which PhD is registered or Home University
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • PhD topic


All PhD candidates can apply.

Teaching method

Lectures, seminars, assignment.
Mainly at Växjö with possibility for of hybrid mode via Zoom for those who want to attend this from distance.

The course is designed in four different modules.

  • Module 1: The logical sequencing of policy design, Systemic framework for sustainability assessment, Sustainable Development and its interaction with energy policy design & implementation, Synergy & Trade-offs
  • Module 2: Use of various tools & method in Energy Policy evaluation and sustainability assessment (i) Qualitative/Quantitative tools- SWOT/PEST, Sustainability indicators and indices, modelling tools , Spatial and AI tools for Sustainability assessment.
  • Module 3: Examples of policy relevant key indicators for sustainability performance assessment of (i) companies (ii) technological systems (iii) states/sector (iv) Programmes/ projects etc.
  • Module 4: Knowledge on research and policy interface, linking research outcomes with SDGs, research to practice


Other information

The course is free of cost for students accepted in the VR financed SEED doctoral school, applicants from Linnaeus University, the Dept. of Energy Technology at KTH and Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety at Lund University.

 A fee of 8000 SEK will be charged to all other students. You are requested to provide the invoice details together with your registration so that the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University can send an invoice upon admission to the course.

For details refer PhD Course Guide:
PhD Course on Sustainability Assessment and Policy Evaluation-LNU.pdf