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Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in musicology

Are you interested in conducting research in the field of musicology?

Musicological research at Linnaeus University covers a range of different aspects. Different disciplines in the field are represented among our researchers. Music history and ethnomusicology have traditionally been two important branches of Swedish musicological study, where the study of music repertoire and music analysis are essential components.

Sociological aspects of music, such as the use of music and the role of music in social contexts, are other major research areas. In recent years, research on music production has expanded extensively, just like studies on music from a global perspective. This broadening of the field means that a diversity of materials, as well as various theoretical perspectives, are also of interest for our research.

This means that doctoral education in musicology can include the study of music from a very broad range of perspectives, and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries with, for example, art, literature, and languages is also possible. Moreover, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, several research centres and interdisciplinary research environments are available to doctoral students.

PhD positions are advertised when funding is available. For information on eligibility, please see the general study plan.