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Third-cycle programme in pedagogy.

Pedagogy is a social science discipline focussing on upbringing, training, teaching, learning, general education, communication, socialisation and influence. These processes occur in both institutionalised and non-institutionalised contexts and can be considered from a contemporary, historical or philosophical perspective.

Educational programmes in this discipline are provided at first and second-cycle levels as well as in the context of single subject courses and programmes. Pedagogy is included in teacher training, education and training relating to personnel and employment issues and addiction treatment and also in programmes relating to special needs teaching and special educational needs.

Linnaeus University conducts wide-ranging research in the discipline of pedagogy. The main areas of research are curricular theory and didactics, childhood studies, the work of the teacher, sport and health, development of reading and writing, and pedagogy in the context of special needs and addiction treatment.

PhD courses


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Doctoral student projects

Below, please find some of the doctoral projects that are ongoing and have been concluded in pedagogy.