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Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in physics

Curious to do research in the subject of physics? We offer opportunities for research for doctoral students.

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What does the third-cycle subject area physics comprise?

The doctoral subject of physics at Linnaeus University comprises a variety of activities in modern quantum physics and classical physics with connections to electrical engineering. The subject is linked to the fields of mathematics, chemistry, computer and information science, biomedical science, and several engineering disciplines (mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering). Research conducted in the subject spans both fundamental and applied physics and aims to contribute to the ongoing second quantum revolution with the development of quantum technology, including quantum computers. It specializes in two main areas: modern quantum condensed matter physics/quantum nanophysics, and waves and signals.

In particular, research in physics  is concentrated on condensed matter theory, and focuses on theoretical studies of magnetism at the nano and atomic levels in new quantum materials, static and dynamic properties of topological magnetic states, and electron and spin quantum transport in molecular systems.

Research in physics is profiled within two different areas:

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Waves and signals

In addition, some research in physics education occurs in conjunction.

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