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Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in physics

Curious to do research in the subject of physics? We offer opportunities for research for doctoral students.

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What does the third-cycle subject area physics comprise?

Physics is one of the most basic sciences and has a long tradition. Today, the subject encompasses a large number of subdisciplines, such as electromagnetism, condensed matter physics and particle physics. Physics research can be both extremely theoretical (e.g. quantum field theory) and advanced experimental (e.g. particle physics). It can also consist either of pure basic research (curiosity-driven) or of more or less applied nature.

At Linnaeus University, the field and course of study for physics encompasses several different activities in both modern and classical physics, and works closely with electrical engineering. The subject encompasses both theoretical as well as applied physics. The activities related to the disciplines of mathematics, numerical analysis, and several technology subdisciplines (engineering, construction, and electrical engineering).

Research in physics is profiled within two different areas:

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Waves and signals

In addition, some research in physics education occurs in conjunction.

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