Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in religious studies

The religious studies research at Linnaeus University seeks to answer overarching humanistic and social sciences questions through detailed and initiated empirical studies. We value self-aware reflections on how, when, and why certain issues are brought to the fore, and we strive to create knowledge that is both critical and productive.

Since 2015, the subject has held degree-awarding powers for third-cycle level. Currently, our doctoral students are studying:

  • The view on orthodoxy among Swedish suburban Muslims (Gustav Larsson)
  • Pedagogical use of popular culture in school (Nicole von Rost Biedron)
  • Aesthetic representations of Shintoism online (Martin van der Linden)
  • The ideas of Neo-Confucian Korean theologian T’oegye Yi Hwang (Maria Hasfeldt)

In addition to their subject affiliation, the doctoral students are also connected to various centres at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

In 2023, the subject will appoint an additional two doctoral students within the frame of the new national graduate school in Islamic studies. When its fully in place, it will comprise twelve doctoral students based at seven different higher education institutions in Sweden.