Forum för textforskning

Forum for Discourse Studies 12,           13–14 June 2017

Empirical data and theory in text and research

Welcome to the twelfth conference in the series Forum for Discourse Studies (Fot 12) at Linnaeus University, 13–14 June 2017. This is an annual conference that ambulates between universities in Sweden. The conference concerns text and discourse research in a broad sense, and it is aimed mainly at linguists, but also to some extent literary scholars and researchers working with intermediality. The theme in 2017 is empirical data and theory in text research and research on writing. We will have four subthemes:

  • Research on teaching and learning
  • Text and writing
  • Intermediality and multimodality
  • Aspects of the plain language of text and writing

This is a Nordic conference, but we also want to organize a section in English. Therefore, you can give your presentation in a Scandinavian language or English. The conference has traditionally been aimed at text researchers with a background in linguistics, but it is also open to talks and workshops related to text and discourse analysis and text research in a broader sense. The conference welcomes contributions in many areas: discourse analysis, rhetoric, reading and writing research, language technology, literacy studies, translation, literary stylistics, readability research, research on specialist texts, research on school and college texts, official and marketing communication, intermedial and multimodal analysis and much more.


Call for papers: Submit abstracts of about 300 words by 24 April 2017

Workshop: Submit workshop proposals by 24 April 2017,about 300 words

Poster: Submit poster proposals by 24 April 2017, about 300 words

Participation: by 26 May 2017

Link to previous conference, Södertörns högskola, 2015. 

Conference committee Gunilla Byrman, Kristina Danielsson, Joacim Lindh (secretary) and Shirley Näslund

Welcome to Linnaeus University!

About the conference

Begins with registration at the conference at 10 a.m. on 13 June and ends at 3:30 p.m. on 14 June.

Conference languages

English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Keynote speakers

Jana Holsanova, Lund University: Att beskriva det som syns men inte sägs: Om syntolkning för synskadade

Ellen Krogh, Syddansk Universitet: En gymnasieelevs skriverbane gennem tre udforskende skriveopgaver. Et etnografisk, longitudinelt studie af skrive- og skriverudvikling i en fagdidaktisk kontekst

Mats Landqvist, Södertörn University: Lekmannaexperter i onlineforum – en plats för lärande, stöd och appropriering av professionell diskurs

Dr. Chiao-I Tseng, is a staff scientist in the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Sciences, University of Bremen. She has been developing methods for audio-visual discourse analysis, such as frameworks for analysing cohesion, event types, narrative space and character motivations in narratives across different media. Her publications include a monograph Cohesion in Film (2013, Palgrave Macmillan) and several international peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on empirical issues such as complex narratives, cross-media and genre comparisons.
Preliminary title on the keynote speech: Empirical social semiotics as effective tools for analysing intermediality, discourse meaning and materiality


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Practical information

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