Teachers Matter - But why, where and when?

Teachers Matter - But Where, When and Why?

International research conference at Linnaeus University, Kalmar, 17-18 May 2017.

In recent years, we have seen an increasing amount of research into the nature of teachers' work and teacher education. Today, we can say a great deal about teacher competence and teacher education. There is solid evidence that teachers, and also teacher education, matter! At the same time public education has been increasingly internationalised and globalised. This implies new challenges for educational research: Regarding the idea that "teachers matter", we must ask ourselves if this verdict draws on similar understandings of what a teacher "who matters" is, and what teacher education needs to educate for in order to enable a teacher to matter.

The conference aims to empirically and theoretically explore the impact of contextual factors on teachers and teacher education and thereby further nuance the statement that "teachers matter".

The conference aims to highlight the following questions:

  1. How can different comparative education perspectives in research on teachers contribute to an understanding of what contexts teachers matter in, and why? In other words, how can we investigate and theorize about why teachers matter, as well as where and when?
  2. How can the interrelation between trans-national, national, and the very local be investigated and theorized about regarding teachers and teacher education?
  3. Which methodological challenges do we have to deal with when transferring research findings on teachers from one context to another?

This conference follows up on the previous international research conference at the same location in 2014, entitled "Teachers Matter – But How?" This conference raised several topical questions such as what might lie at the heart of successful teaching: teachers' personal motivation, particular life stories; teachers' professional autonomy; teachers acting as cosmopolitans in a world of globalisation and diversity; teachers as actors for social justice and so forth. "Teachers matters, but why, when and where" now puts forward questions around teaching as a global phenomenon, but conditioned by time- and space-related factors.


All keynote lectures are open for students and staff at Linnaeus University! No registration needed.

The conference participation is free of charge.

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