Checklist for Licentiate Theses, Lnu Licentiate

Please note that the production described below, is planned in order to have printed books two weeks before the seminar. If you require books earlier than that, the production time needs to be adjusted accordingly. Please also note that only working days/weeks count, if weekends or holidays occur during the production, these must be taken in to consideration.

As early as possible

Download the template for licentiate theses further down on this page.

Approximately 6 weeks before the licentiate seminar

E-mail the following information to Lnu Press:

  • title of the thesis
  • name of your faculty
  • approximate number of pages (for calculating the widht of the spine)

Lnu Press needs the information listed above in order to produce the cover and foreword. Lnu Press will assign an ISBN-number for your licentiate thesis.

Approximately 5 weeks before the licentiate seminar

  • submit file for printing (with or without abstract) to Lnu Press, made in accordance with the template and saved as a pdf file
  • let Lnu Press know the size of your edition. If you are uncertain of how many copies you wish to print, check with your supervisor. (5 copies will be distributed internally by Lnu Press).
  • if any pages are to be printed in color, please specify.

Two to three days after the material has been sent to the printers, you will receive a printed proof copy.

  • any subsequent changes should be made in the original file and new a pdf file should be e-mailed to Lnu Press. Any changes on the cover or forewords are made by Lnu Press.
  • upon approval, the thesis is printed. Printing will take approximately 2 working weeks.

3 weeks before the licentiate seminar

Register your thesis in DiVA if you have not already done so. We strongly recommend all authors to also publish the full text of the thesis in DiVA

Approximately 2 weeks before the licentiate seminar

The printed copies will be delivered.


Questions about production of licentiate theses:

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