DiVA - Publish and Register

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you register and publish your publications and artistic work in DiVA. This is done to get a complete picture of what is published at Linnaeus University, and for use in the annual bibliometric evaluation.

Log in

First, check that the publication you want to register is not already in DiVA. The library may already have imported the publication, or your co-author may have registered it. If it already exists, edit or complete the existing entry instead. Log in to DiVA and choose My publications. If you can't edit the record, please contact diva@lnu.se.

Log in to DiVA here, with your Lnu account.


Remember! Always enter your user name in the field Local User Id to link the publication to your staff page.

Also, when entering your department, select the department/institution that applied at the publication's date of publishing.

Register manually

  1. Select Add publication / Upload files.
  2. Select publication type. For an explanation of the publication types, hover over the question mark.
  3. Fill in the details of the publication. Do not forget to enter your username, the publication will then appear on your staff page at Lnu.se.
  4. Upload the full text in pdf format (Optional)
  5. Make sure that what you entered is correct and then select Submit.

Import from database

  1. Select Import references.
  2. Select Import from external databases, and upload the file that you have saved from eg Web of Science, Libris, EndNote or PubMed.
  3. Enter each record and complete with your user name, organisation and the full first name for every author from Lnu.
  4. Make sure that what you entered is correct and then select Submit.

Import from another DiVA institution

  1. Search for your records in the national DiVA.
  2. Select the records that you want to import to the Lnu DiVA, and then choose Export > Mods.
  3. Log in to DiVA, and select Import references.
  4. Select Import from external databases.
  5. Select the format MODS V3 and upload the XML file that you exported from the national DiVA.
  6. Enter and look at each record, complete with your user name, organisation and the full first name of every author from Lnu.
  7. Make sure that what you entered is correct and then select Submit.

All records (except doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses) will be visible in DiVA immediately, and reviewed by the University Library afterwards. If you uploaded a file, the file will not be published until the record has been reviewed by the University Library.

Publish full text

When you register a publication in DiVA, you also have the option to upload and publish the full text in pdf format, and thereby make it freely available. Always make sure that the publisher allows this before uploading the file.

If you want to upload a file to a record already in DiVA, contact diva@lnu.se.

More about publishing full texts

If you published in a traditional, subscription-based journal, you can also publish a copy in DiVA. This is called parallel publishing and makes the publication freely available. An increasing number of research funding agencies require that research results is made freely available (Open Access).

Before you parallel publish, you need to check:

  • the publisher's or journal's parallel publishing policy
  • which version of the publication that may be parallel published (publisher's or author's version)
  • if there is an embargo or other restrictions for parallel publishing

You can do this by searching for the journal or the publisher in SHERPA/RoMEO. If you can't find the information there, look for copyright information in your contract with the journal or on the journal's/publisher's website, alternatively write to them and request permission.

If the publication has not yet been published at a publishing house, but you want to make sure that you can parallel publish in DiVA, you can use a supplement to the contract that you write with the publisher. Examples:

  • SPARC Author Addendum - agreement extensions for journal articles that give the authors enhanced rights, such as the right to parallel publish the article
  • Creative Commons - license agreements that all give authors enhanced rights. The licenses can be used on all types of publications
  • European Commission's FP7 Open Access Pilot - has an agreement extension for publishing research results funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme, and that are included in the program's Open Access Pilot

Remove or edit

You can remove and edit entries in DiVA where you are included as author/contributor. You can do this only if the record has not yet been reviewed by the University Library.

  1. Select Edit / Delete record.
  2. Search for the records that you want to delete/edit.
  3. To delete, click the X to the right of the record in the list of results.
  4. To edit, enter the record, make your changes, select Continue, and eventually Accept.

If you do not see the X, or if you cannot enter the record to edit it, contact diva@lnu.se for assistance.