Center for Studies in Popular Culture (PoCuS)

Center for Popular Culture Studies (PoCuS) is a center for research, education, and collaboration with popular culture at its center. We regard popular culture as mass-produced and commercial expressions of a range of common phenomena that are widespread in a society.

Popular culture exists on regional, national, and global levels and popular culture can be examined in both contemporary and historical contexts. By taking popular culture seriously, we can learn a lot about people’s needs, feelings, ideas and how knowledge is conveyed in society.


The research within PoCuS is varied and rich and includes a number of researchers in various subjects within humanities that conduct research in the field of popular culture, both on an individual level as well as within the framework of larger projects.

The research extends from the significance of music as the soundtrack for our news, over studies of sexual welfare linked to the entertainment program Fräcka Fredag (“Naughty Friday”), to how the historical media memory of the genocide in Rwanda has developed in popular culture on a global level. For more detailed descriptions of the members’ research projects, see each researchers’ website.

Reseachers at Linnaeus University

Researchers at other universities

Stefan Nyzell, Malmö University
Cecilia Trenter, Malmö University
Jacob Löfgren, Lund University
Ulf Zander, Lund University