Basim Al-Najjar, CeIAM

Centre for Cost-effective Industrial Asset Management

Centre for Cost-effective Industrial Asset Management is a research group that does research within the field of cost-efficient maintenance techniques.

Our research and CeIAM

Due to the hard competition on the international market, companies strive to assure, maintain and improve the achievements in the following competitive advantages in order to secure and enhance their market shares:

  1. High quality production and assets
  2. Competitive price
  3. Delivery on time
  4. Environmental friendly production process and product
  5. Society acceptance

Strategies for cost-effective and dynamic maintenance decisions that contribute in company competitiveness are necessary to be considered in order to enhance maintenance decisions continuously. CeIAM provides tools, methods, and technical and economic criteria required to select the most cost-effective maintenance techniques and the most informative condition monitoring (CM) parameter.

In CeIAM, maintenance aims to maintain the quality of all involved in a production process cost-effectively. Also, the role of maintenance in CeIAM is for monitoring and controlling deviations in the condition of a process, working conditions, human resources, product quality and production cost. Also, for detecting damage causes and their developing mechanisms and potential failures in order to interfere (when it is possible) to "stop" or reduce component/machine/process deterioration rate before the production process and product characteristics are intolerably affected and to perform the required action to restore the machine/process to as good as new. All these should be performed at a continuously reducing cost per unit of good quality product.