Centre for Police Research and Development

Centre for Police Research and Development (CPU) is an interdisciplinary research centre at the Department of Criminology and Police Work based at Linnaeus University in Växjö.

The centre conducts independent research concerning police-related matters, with a special focus on the police’s intercommunion with the surrounding community, crime prevention, organisation and management, and police interrogation.

In a long-term perspective, the centre’s aim is to stimulate a multidisciplinary research environment to contribute to the development of knowledge within police research.

The overall objectives include the building of a venue for an exchange of knowledge between researchers, police and other people who are working within the judiciary, or with police-related matters.

Current events

Figurant types in scenario-based exercises

Cecilia Jonsson's and Susanna Lif's article Figurant types in scenario-based exercises is now published in Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training.

Newsletter for the Nordic Police Research Network

Since autumn 2020, the CPU stands as editors and coordinate the mailing of newsletters. Since February 2021, the newsletter is written in English. As from autumn 2023, CPU is handing over the editorship to Södertörn University.

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Staff connected to CPU

Robert Andersson, Associate Professor in Criminology

Sofia Ask, Senior lecturer in Swedish

Ingela Bengtsson, Administrator/Web editor

Martin Bergqvist, Senior lecturer in Police work

Hampus Hörberg, PhD Student in Sociology

Cecilia Jonsson, Senior lecturer in Police work

Ola Kronkvist, Senior lecturer in Police work

Charlotte Lebeda Henriksson, Lecturer and PhD Student

Peter Lindström, Director of CPU and Professor in Criminology

Manuela Nilsson, Associate professor in Peace and development studies

Magnus Persson, Senior lecturer in Sociology

Carlo Pinnetti, Senior lecturer in Criminology

May-Britt Rinaldo Ronnebro, Expert in Crime Prevention Methods

Johan Rosquist, Senior lecturer in Criminology

Niklas Roth, Project leader

Pär Stihl, Expert in Interrogation Techniques

Clara Taripanah, PhD Student in Sociology with specialisation in Police work

Rebecca Willén, Senior lecturer in Forensic psychology