Designing for Innovation and Learning (DIL)

The Designing for Innovation and Learning research group does interdisciplinary research in the field of digital transformation within various domains.

Our research

The Designing for Innovation and Learning (DIL) research group works within several fields, such as e-health and the industrial domain (like Industry 4.0), with the co-design approach to support digitalisation strategies, i.e. value creation and use of technologies. The aim is to understand how to develop Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a dynamic learning environment in different domains.  

Focus and problem areas supported:

  • Design for all: platform thinking and designing
  • Q-helix: collaboration between different sectors (academic, public and non-public and user organisations)
  • Systems view: different levels of micro/meso/macro interactions
  • Different domains: industry, e-health, e-learning, smart cities
  • Continuous learning in data-driven processes producing feedback loops in a collaborative innovation process

The group has the following competencies to offer different partners: 

  • Quadruple helix innovation project management
  • Co-design for business value creation
  • Platform development based on Internet of things (IoT) and Big data for business analytics
  • Knowledge about different ICTs to support various domains/areas
  • Empowering individuals (patients, employees, professionals etc.) for harnessing the digital transformation process