Food Science

Our research is oriented towards food and nutritional sciences. Our focus is on food quality and product development of new healthy food.

Our research

Better food for both humans and the environment

The research is done through analysis and characterization of the nutritional and technological quality of ingredients and foods.

Systematic studies on the influence of food processing and storage on food quality and nutritional properties have the aim to develop foods and ingredients with increased content of essential nutrients, which are, tasty, healthy, convenient and sustainable.

Our interest has so far been directed at fruit and berries, milk products, cereals and legumes, and in future also studies on root and cruciferous vegetables are planned.

Food Science Research Areas

Models to measure the impact of nutrients

Another focus is research on nutrient bioavailability, metabolism and the relationship of diet and health. Advanced in vitro and in vivo models and intervention studies have been developed and used to determine the bioavailability and bioactivity of the vitamin folate.

Through collaboration with other research groups are findings followed up using novel metabolomics-based techniques. In the future, research focus will be expanded to a number of micronutrients and bioactive components, e.g. proteins, lipids and fibre, to develop healthy functional plant foods and to study their health effects with respect to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer.