Forest Management

In the research field Forest Management, we address questions related to the sustainable use of forests, taking into account economic, social, and ecological aspects.

Our research

Within the research field, several interdisciplinary national and international projects in collaboration with other universities and the forestry sector, are under way. The projects are related to subject disciplines such as silviculture, the climate benefits of forests, and the digitalization of forestry. A significant part of our research is based on measurements and experiments from field test sites and measurement systems, as well as laboratories in the ForestEDGE environment. 

  • Forestry Management. Research for advancing forestry practices based on different conditions and needs. This includes topics like forest regeneration and clear-cutting-free forestry.
  • Forest Production. Investigating how climate and various forestry measures impact forest growth.
  • Forest Tree Breeding. Research focused on improving tree growth, timber quality, and resistance through selection and crossbreeding.
    Forest Climate Adaptation and Benefits: This research addresses measures to actively adapt forests to a changing climate and explores how forests can function as carbon sinks while providing renewable resources.
  • Small-Scale Forestry. Developing educational concepts and conducting projects related to small-scale forestry and forest ownership.
    Research group: Small-Scale Forestry
  • Forest Damage. Studying processes and mechanisms behind forest damage, their interaction during different stages of forest development, and strategies to mitigate damage in forestry.
  • Digitalization of Forestry. Investigating how new data sources and technologies, such as remote sensing, can be integrated into and enhance forestry practices.
    Research group: Forestry Wood and Building Technologies

Research projects

Ongoing projects