Forest Products

The Forest Products research field conducts cutting-edge research in forest-derived raw materials and side streams, to promote the utilization of renewable materials and contribute to sustainable development goals.

Our research

The aim of the Forest Products research field is to provide knowledge-based solutions for efficiently utilizing forest materials and developing functional and environmentally-friendly products. Forest Products performs interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research to influence the entire forest value chain, from raw material sourcing to product development, processing and market. We have a close collaboration with well-known national and international research institutes, universities, and forest and wood product industries.

We focus on:

  • Wood quality assessment: Micro- and macro-structural analyses, including physical, mechanical, chemical, and anatomical characterization, of wood and non-wood raw materials from various silvicultural practices for suggesting the optimal application.
  • Wood protection and modification: Extending the service life of wood and other bio-based materials and products by creating new functionalities through advanced processing.
    Research group: ​Wood Protection
  • Wood composites: Wood- and fiber-based composites from renewable sources (virgin or reclaimed raw materials) for furniture and building applications; valorization of side streams from forest and agriculture industries for developing bio-based adhesives and additives.
  • Wood processing: Sawmilling, wood machining and wood drying to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • Wood market: Wood product trade and policy, timber prices and forecasts, production, consumption, and trade of forest products.

The research within Forest Products is part of the Forestry and Wood field of research, and of the Linnaeus Knowledge Environments Advanced Materials and Green Sustainable Development.

Research projects

Current projects


Laboratory resources

We have well-equipped laboratories and specialised modern instruments in the area of wood material science and technology, e g an anatomical lab with modern microscopy, a physical and mechanical lab including non-destructive testing, a chemical lab with wet and analytical chemistry, an emission, weathering and durability lab, and a composite panel manufacturing lab. The infrastructure is used to support research and education of our students, and to provide services for the forest and wood industry in Southern Sweden.

Group members