Health, Gender and Embodiment

Health, Gender and Embodiment is an interdisciplinary research group consisting of both national and international scholars, including senior researchers and doctoral students, who are interested in research on health, gender, and embodiment.

Our research focus

This research group operates as a network through which various research projects are carried out in a supportive atmosphere, contributing to knowledge exchange and international collaborations.

The group consist of scholars within the social sciences with an interest in critical studies and theoretical explorations on Health, Gender and Embodiment. With the term health the group wants to emphasize the varied ways in which healthy and unhealthy choices and lifestyles are made/done.

Health is, however, not understood as a solely individual task but as a broader question that concerns social structures and how they form and impact upon both society and the individual.

The term gender connects to the project group's inspiration from both feminist perspectives and critical men’s studies. The issue of gender and questions concerning gender equity are central in the work carried out within the research group, stretching from projects focusing on women’s fitness doping practices to marginalization of young fathers.

With embodiment we intend to put the focus on the centrality of the human body and on the ways in which processes of embodiment are understood, lived, and experienced. Embodiment suggests lived experiences, but also implies an interest in the ways in which social processes and social structures are engraved onto bodies, impacting on questions such as agency.

This group consist of both senior researchers and doctoral students. It facilitates a forum for open discussions on research applications, publications, and a generally supportive atmosphere in the process of knowledge production within the field of health, gender, and embodiment research.