Information Institute (iInstitute)

The information field, or the iField, resorts to interdisciplinary approaches to enrich and facilitate generation, transfer and curation of data, information, and knowledge by the widespread use of technology in order to maximize the potential of humans. The iInstitute at Linnaeus University strives towards fulfilling this vision.



Workshop Series "Higher Education Programs in Digital Humanities"

These workshops are part of the annual conference "Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries Conference".

Education in Digital Humanities

Within the iInstitute, Linnaeus University offers the following:

The Master's program in Educational Technology is a challenge-driven program that caters to those with a technical, educational or behavioural science background with an interest in the digital transformation of teaching and learning practice in the education sector. The new social conditions that digital transformation in education entails mean that new knowledge and roles need to be developed in order to provide the right skills to those who work in, with and for education. The interaction between design, technology and learning are central to the program.

The master's program started in September 2019 and is given part-time. The program is still under development and given only in Swedish at the moment. The plan for the near future is to open up the courses and give them also in English to international participants.

Our vision

Our long-term vision is to create a leading education, development and research regional centre in the iField, that combines in novel ways already existing expertise from different Linnaeus University departments and faculties working in close collaboration and co-creation with relevant stakeholders from the surrounding society. Addressing future societal challenges would be possible by highly skilled professionals whose education has been markedly enhanced by practice-informed education and joint, cross-sector innovation. Strategic values to be developed during these efforts refer to uniting and consolidating the expertise we already have to create new constellations for collaboration leading to new knowledge and products (expertise, education, research, public and commercial services relevant for the region, such as a cultural tourism industry perspective), resulting in a return on investment.

Plans for the first period (24–36 months) are to focus on the development of new educational programmes and research as outlined in the figures below.

A graphical view of the iSchool concept at Linnaeus University, October 2017.
Current research and education nodes affiliated with the iInstitute.
A graphical view of the iSchool concept at Linnaeus University, October 2017.
Current and future programmes affiliated with the iInstitute.

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