sunlight shining through a spruce forest

Seed project: Data-intensive tools for effective carbon mitigation in forestry

The main objective for this seed project within Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) was to explore the use of data-intensive approaches and visualisation to help forest owners understand the carbon balance of their forest, and help them in making informed management decisions to improve the carbon capture potential of their forestry.

Project information

Data-intensive tools for effective carbon mitigation in forestry
Jorge Zapico, Rafael Martins, Johan Bergh, Bishnu Chandra Poudel, Örjan Vorrei (Sydved),
Project period
May–winter 2019
Core research areas
Computer science, forestry and wood technology
Data-intensive tools proposal 1905.pdf
Data-intensive tools report 2001.pdf

What is a seed project?

A seed project is a minor project funded by a knowledge environment or a research group at the university. The aim is to launch and promote excellent research. Depending on the financier, a seed project may be to idenfify new or deepen existing collaborations, preferably cross-disciplinary ones, to explore possible research issues in a feasibility study, to collect empirical material, or to write an application for external funding.

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