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Seed project: User performance data from a video-based application/platform

The main objective for this seed project within Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) is to explore how user performance data from a newly developed video-based smartphone platform/application can be used to understand older adults’ (65+) user patterns and possible hindrances to the learning and improvement process of mobility and in physical activities of daily living.

Project information

User performance data from a video-based application/platform to enhance mobility and integrated learning in physical activities of daily living amongst older adults
Sofia Backåberg, Larry Katz, Mirjam Ekstedt, Welf Löwe, Niklas Backåberg
Project period
July 2020–Dec 2021
Core research areas
Physical Activities of Daily Living proposal 2006.pdf
Final report
Seed Project Final Report 2022-02-09.pdf

What is a seed project?

A seed project is a minor project funded by a knowledge environment or a research group at the university. The aim is to launch and promote excellent research. Depending on the financier, a seed project may be to idenfify new or deepen existing collaborations, preferably cross-disciplinary ones, to explore possible research issues in a feasibility study, to collect empirical material, or to write an application for external funding.

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