Maritime science

The research in maritime science includes at present: 1) working life, organisation and risk management, 2) the environmental effects of shipping and marine spatial planning, 3) energy efficiency and 4) fitness for service.

Our research

The research at Linnaeus University in the field of maritime science deals with how to reach an environmentally sustainable and safe shipping with a good working environment. We analyse the conditions of the international shipping, the daily activities and the consequences for the environment and peoples' health. The activities on board a vessel is a core interest, especially the interplay between people and between people and technology.

Here at Kalmar Maritime Academy, the research of working life, organisation, communication, maritime safety, risk management, energy efficiency and the environmental effect of shipping uses theories and methods from other fields of subject in social, natural and technical science.

The research in maritime science include at present:

  • Working life, organisation and risk management
  • The environmental effects of shipping and marine spatial planning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fitness for service