Mediating Cultural Memory (IMS Memory)

IMS Memory is a transdisciplinary research cluster dedicated to the study of the mediation of cultural memory. Bringing together research from different fields, mostly in the Arts and Humanities, we study the circulation of mediated memories from a broad intermedial and/or multimodal perspective.

IMS Memory studies how cultural or social memory is remediated, embodied, and performed. We are looking at a wide context of media relations, involving the production, distribution, exhibition, and reception of mediated memories.

IMS Memory brings together scholars from a broad range of disciplines to understand: how are memory cultures shaped by media? How do societies negotiate the past? How do artists employ different media to explore memory? How is memory shaped by contemporary media formats and their materiality? Employing a wide range of methodologies, we want to understand how media shapes the memory cultures of the present and the future.

IMS Memory collaborates with a variety of external partners and stakeholders, such as archives, museums, film festivals, and artists. We study a broad range of cases, ranging from sound, spoken word poetry, graphic novels, memoirs and other autobiographical narratives, archives, databases, metadata, and interfaces, to documentary filmmaking.

IMS Memory is part of Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies (IMS).

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