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IMS Green: Mediations of Climate and Ecological Emergency (MEDEM)

Mediations of Climate and Ecological Emergency (MEDEM) is a transdisciplinary platform for research, education and action related to the mediation of climate and ecological emergency. Critical theoretical, scientific, and not least artistic perspectives and methods meet in the cluster’s manifold activities. MEDEM is situated within the Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal studies (IMS).

We live in a state of planetary climate and ecological emergency. Scientific research as well as global news reports and local and indigenous testimonies point towards an alarming increase in signs of current and future collapse.

But what exactly is meant by terms such as "climate," “ecology” and "emergency," and what happens when they are brought together in declarations of "climate and ecological emergency"? What does it mean for us to orient ourselves cognitively, ethically, culturally, and politically in the near-to unfathomable complexity of the climate, especially in a situation defined as an emergency? How can we create spaces for action in relation to temporalities and scales that are difficult to grasp?

It is our contention that an important underlying aspect of these questions is the necessity to frame climate and ecological emergency as a set of mediated phenomena; that is, phenomena that are, in many ways, rendered sensorial, intelligible and imaginable through complex processes of mediation operating intermedially in and between diverse media types.