Methods and Meta-science

Within Methods and Meta-science, we work on developing and improving research methods and on projects that have a meta-scientific perspective on research. This includes everything from validating psychological instruments to conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses across entire research fields.

Our projects are rooted in psychology but are often interdisciplinary, as many research methods (e.g., for systematic reviews and meta-analyses) are similar across disciplines. The department's interdisciplinary collaborations include fields and subjects such as educational science and didactics, research on disabilities, and data-driven decision support/AI.

All work within Methods and Meta-science is permeated with our continuous commitment to promoting open science and reproducibility in both research and education.

Below is a brief description of the department's various research areas and projects, and the members mainly working within the area.

Other engagements and collaborations

Several members of the department for Method and Meta-science are active within the internationally renowned scientific journal Meta-Psychology, for which Rickard Carlsson is the editor-in-chief, and Open Science Community Sweden. We also collaborate with the Disability Research Division (FUSA) at Linköping University, of which Lucija Batinović is a member.


Our research in methods and meta-science directly links to education in scientific methodology and statistics at Linnaeus University's psychology program, Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology, Master Programme, independent courses in psychology, and doctoral courses in psychology. We continuously work on developing the methodology and statistical education with the latest findings in areas such as open science, reproducibility, statistical programming and visualization in the programming language R, and methods for conducting systematic reviews.



Tobias Mühlmeister, Pauline Halm and Tom Runesson are alumni that have continued to work with staff in the group.