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Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations

Within this research theme, we study numerical methods for partial differential equations, analysis of differential and pseudo-differential operators, and applications in physics and engineering with relevance to industry 4.0.

Our research

Differential equations are used to model physical phenomena in mechanical engineering, construction engineering, and electrical engineering. They are central to the future industry 4.0, but also to describe processes in medicine, biology, economics, and a number of other areas.

Within the research theme Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations, we focus on analysis and numerical methods for studying advanced mathematical models. The research in numerical analysis includes finite element methods, finite differential methods, and numerical solutions of integral equations with applications to mechanical engineering, building technology, electromagnetic field theory, and fluid mechanics. Our research in the analysis of differential and pseudo-differential operators is important for the numerical analysis and for answering fundamental questions such as the well-posedness of the problems.


Researchers within the theme