Pine trees Photographer: Erika Olofsson

Small-scale forestry

The Small-scale forestry research group develops educational concepts and conducts research projects related to small-scale forestry and forest ownership. The Department of Forestry and Wood Technology is geographically located in Växjö, Götaland, where 80% of the forest land is owned by private forest owners. The department also has over 20 years of experience teaching this target group via the course package Sustainable small-scale forestry.

In Sweden, forest owners have relatively high degree of freedom to manage their forests based on their own conditions, such as values, goals, interests and resources. These conditions influence the forest owner's decisions, which silvicultural measures are carried out in the forest, and, thus, which economic, ecological and social values are created. This makes the conditions very interesting to investigate. From the perspective of the private forest owners, we study, among other things, the following:

  • Forest owners' learning, values, goals and practice
  • The potential to develop environmental and other values in privately owned forests
  • Conflicts of interest in forestry
  • Forest owners' management for climate adaptation
  • Learning concepts for climate-adapted forestry
  • Forest ownership, the forest ownership structure and its change over time

Research in Small-scale forestry takes place in collaboration with the research group Forestry and Wood

Distance courses in Sustainable small-scale forestry

Learn how to manage a forest property. The courses are given remotely and part-time and are aimed at those who are forest owners or have a particular interest in the forest.

Read more about the course package here: Sustainable small-scale forestry

One of the courses is given in English: International Sustainable Small-scale Forestry I