Social work, disability and ageing (SODA)

Within the research community of Social Work, Disability and Ageing (SODA) the research area is related to social problems among people with disabilities and older people. Social problems is a term used for studying life circumstances, social vulnerability and systematic inequality related to for example health, social networks and economic circumstances.

Our Research   

The research focuses on two fields of research, which are sometimes examined separately and sometimes together. Field one focuses on the relationship between people with disabilities and their environments. Field two is about how older people and their relatives themselves experience their living conditions, how the living conditions are shaped in the interaction between people and within the framework of prevailing conditions in society. Our research is permeated by a power perspective, which assumes that vulnerable living conditions emerge at the intersection of factors such as disability, age, gender, sexuality and class affiliation among both users and relatives and staff.

With the research within SODA, we want to contribute to long-term knowledge and theory development, development and change processes in organizations and joint knowledge development among practitioners, researchers and students.


  • Research projects
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Collaboration with the social practice
  • Collaboration with other higher education institutions
  • International collaboration
  • Education
  • Knowledge production and distribution