The Centre for Gender and Language

The Centre for Gender and Language is an international research environment at Linnaeus University. It is interdisciplinary and multi-faculty, offering an innovative research environment for researchers with an interest in the complex relations and issues that exist between gender and language.

The centre has a special interest in artistic research as an important part of contemporary and interdisciplinary studies.

The centre is engaged in a number of different activities, ranging from international, multi-faculty and interdisciplinary research and network collaborations to conferences, symposiums, and seminars. During the fall term 2015, the centre will be involved in the ninth Nordic conference on language and gender at Linnaeus University, and is also the organiser of the symposium Gender, Language and How to Create a Sustainable Research Environment, in which invited researchers will take part. During the symposium there will also be an open lecture.

The centre's seminar series started in 2014 when Palestinian poet and researcher Somaya El Sousi held a Skype seminar from Gaza. During the spring term 2015, the centre was visited by three guest researchers and a filmmaker: professor Wencke Mühleisen, University of Oslo, professor Ulla Manns, Södertörn University, professor Maria Tamboukou, University of East London, and the Canadian-Tunisian filmmaker Najwa Tlili. During the fall semester 2015, the centre will be visited by professors Annelie Bränström Öhman, Umeå University, Lena Gemzöe, Stockholm University, and Nina Lykke, Linköping University.

During 2014/2015, the centre's activities have been funded by the Crafoord Foundation. The centre's management is made up of professor Gunilla Byrman, associate professor Stina Ericsson, and senior lecturer Hanna Hallgren.

The painting Ground Hinder (top right), made by artist Melissa Henderson, is the centre's signature.


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