The ReAction group – Resilient healthcare and patient activation

Our research aims to improve resilient healthcare to provide safe care characterised by continuity and equality through patient’s chain of care, and to increase its precision in strengthening the ability of individuals to actively improve their own health. This requires a sustainable healthcare system that protects the health of its staff and has the ability to predict and adapt to changing conditions and quickly recover from extraneous burdens. Striving for increased resilience means making use of the resources of individuals, systems, and the planet, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our research

When the proportion of elderly people and people with long-term illness increases in the population, this also increases the need to improve the capabilities of each individual to promote their own health, prevent age-related conditions, manage any symptoms and perform self-care in case of long-term illness, so they can live an independent life. Resilient healthcare systems are becoming increasingly important for providing proactive, safe and secure care to persons with complex care needs – care that is often provided within primary care and in the care recipient’s home.

In order to achieve clinically relevant research of high scientific quality, we work multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary and use a combination of different research methods and designs. The research is planned, developed and carried out in close collaboration with health care providers, patients, users and relatives, as well as the private sector and national interest organisations.

Our vision is

  • To explore, develop, test, implement and evaluate complex interventions, methods and tools that promote health and safe, secure care for people with long-term or complex care needs, and that support their next-of-kin.
  • To develop the conditions for coordinated, proactive and sustainable work processes ensuring that each patient gets the right intervention at the right time throughout the care trajectory.