Workshop: Information and memory for future decision making – radioactive waste and beyond

Welcome to the webpage about the workshop: Information and memory for future decision making – radioactive waste and beyond 

This was a workshop on preserving information and memory over centuries and millennia in the context of sustainable development and the future human environment. 

Date: 21–23 May, 2019
Venue: Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm

The Organizing Committee

The workshop was co-hosted by:
• Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste (Kärnavfallsrådet)
• Linnaeus University
• National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet)
• Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)

The Organizing Committee also includes members from the following Swedish entities:
• Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB)
• Östhammar Municipality
• Oskarshamn Municipality
• Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review (MKG)
• Stockholm University