Waves, Signals and Systems

The research in waves, signals and systems deals primarily with acoustic and electromagnetic direct and inverse problems, with engineering and industrial applications.

Our research

The Waves, Signals and Systems (WSS) research group is part of the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering as well as the Department of Mathematics, at the Faculty of Technology.

Typical application areas are with antennas and wireless communications,
waveguide theory, quantum electrodynamics for optical fibers, flow acoustics, structural dynamics, microwave tomography, electrical impedance tomography, and power engineering. The research is based on mathematical modeling of wave phenomena, mathematical and numerical analysis, statistical signal analysis and optimization.

Presently, our main application areas are with power cables, electromagnetic design, building acoustics, fiber optics, antennas and scattering.


Conferences and workshops

The Waves, Signals and Systems research group is one of the organizers of the Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena (MMWP) conferences, which have been arranged at Linnaeus University four times.

The conferences present unifying ideas of wave modelling from different disciplines, treating fundamentals as well as applications. Both mechanical and electromagnetic waves together with related signal analysis is considered, including comparisons with quantum waves.



Within the research area of Waves, Signals and Systems, a number of postdocs and doctoral students have been involved.


The Waves, Signals and Systems research group collaborates with a number of partners – both academic associates, internal as well as external, and partners within industry.