Project: Allelobact

The goal of the project is to identify specific mechanisms of action involving allelochemicals in bacterial-algal interactions to understand their role in harmful algal bloom (HAB) ecology.

Trophic interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton in aquatic systems are well documented in the literature, as the microbial loop plays a critical role in important processes such as carbon flux and nutrient regeneration. In contrast, chemical/allelopathic interactions between bacteria and harmful/toxic phytoplankton and their potential impact on the production of biotoxins and population dynamics have received increasingly, yet still relatively little attention. While bacteria can play a role in the production of algal biotoxins or bloom termination, phytoplankton can produce biologically active compounds, i.e. allelochemicals that affect bacterial diversity.




EU-FP6-PEOPLE Fellowship for Career Development (ALGBACT IEF-220732)
The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University